Photo Restoration Pricing and Policy Information

All photos are restored to the best quality achievable. Our prices are very reasonable and we want to provide the highest quality restored photos that we can to all our clients.

Some example pricing based on the condition of the original photos. Rates are based on an hourly rate of $39. In many cases we can do several photos in an hour. It really depends on the condition of the photo.

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How we Operate \ Policy Stuff!


We will provide a free estimate for all Restoration work that we perform. You can either deliver the photos direct to us if local, ship a scanned copy of the original to us**, or send us a digital copy to review.


** Note that we prefer that you not send us original non-replaceable family photos through the mail or other carrier service. If you cannot scan the photo to digital yourself there are many copy centers that perform this service. If you are delivering the photo directly to us we will gladly scan the originals and return them to you and there will be no charge for scanning if we do the restoration.


Make sure to follow these guidelines:


  1. Scan your photos at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% (of original Size). Use RGB color mode even if photo is a black & white.
  2. Turn off any photo enhancement features your scanner may have.
  3. Then attach the photos to an e-mail to us with a description of what you want done including your name, address, and phone number.


We will respond within 24-48 hours, usually the same day, with a written quote. Just contact us by clicking on the Contact us button at the top of any page or send an email to our address.


We can either provide you with an e-mail sample image (after a 50% deposit) of your photo after we are done restoring it for you to see before we email your final copy digital copy back to you.  Or we can post a low-resolution version to our FaceBook Page. This is a great way that you can see if you want us to make any additions to your restoration before we ship your final images.


We will make every effort to retain your digital print file(s) for a minimum one (1) year from the time of the completion of any work that we perform. Additional digital copies will be made available to you at no charge. Prints or other media will be at the current charges at the time of the request.



As much as we wish we could – we cannot fix out of focus\blurry images. We might be able to make it more pleasing but a blurry image is a blurry image.



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